On the Precipice of Exchange

Art allows us to relate to others, ourselves, and the world. I believe these relationships are truth and art is the means through which we understand truth.

Photography, as an art practice is unique. With photography, it is mechanically impossible to photograph something which doesn’t physically exist. On a basic level, light has to bounce around, possibly off a real-world object and possibly through a lens and hit some sort of digital sensor or chemical emulsion. Even an abstract photograph, such as one about truth, has to be of a physical real-world object.

It is very easy for a photograph of something to be just an indexical photograph of that thing and nothing else. I can’t just go inward and take a photograph of what I’m thinking or feeling. The challenge is to create a photograph and have it be more about the photograph itself, rather than what the photograph is of. In this instance, I have photographed ordinary, rather unremarkable, pieces of wood. They weren’t anything special; inert and dead detritus, something which was once alive but no more. But the photographs are no longer about what was photographed; I hope that the photographs offer you a space of beauty, quiet contemplation and a chance to engage with truth.

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