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This work contains more than 50 floral and botanical images along with some text. A visual diary of a pandemic.


First print run will be limited to only 25 copies. So please get your orders in quick!

Comes beautifully printed on on a silky smooth paper with a bulky 300gsm cover.
210mm x 210mm (which means all the images are 'life size' in striking true to life color)
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When the COVID-19 pandemic first started in Australia in early 2020, we each found little rituals to cope with the breaking down of routine and structure happening all around us. Between the news and the not knowing what was happening, we each adapted in different ways. My partner took up baking for the first time. Other in my friendship circle took up various craft. And still, others, just made it day to day; and that is fine too.

My mechanism was to go on daily walks with my partner. We’d talk about whatever it is couples speak of. Art, society, science, mental health, current events. Anything and everything. As part of this walking ritual, I’d pick a leaf or flower or twig and make an image of it when I’d returned home.

These images and text are a small sample (of nearly 60 works) I’ve created sitting alone in a dark room, creating a dark image, but feeling light inside. Each one is a glimpse into my day.

As I write this in mid-July, on the precipice of a ‘second wave’ in Victoria, I can’t help but wonder how I will cope this time around.

Art helps.


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